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19″ Bathroom Mirror TV
Just £1,099

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22″ Bathroom Mirror TV
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26″ Bathroom Mirror TV
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Aquatek Bathroom TV’s – The UK’s leading affordable Bathroom TV

mirror bathroom tv on wallAffordable luxury for your bathroom


Think of bathroom TV’s and think of the indulgence… of long, lazy baths watching your favourite films or programmes. And then you’ll think of the cost! Quality Bathroom TV’s are expensive aren’t they?

Not any more. Aquatek makes bathroom televisions that are clever, stylish, safe and affordable. We set out with the idea of making bathroom TV’s that anyone could afford – and that’s what we’ve done, without compromising quality.

We use heated glass screens – no acrylic or cheap plastics. And we use a high-quality Samsung panel to ensure you get a great picture. We don’t claim to be the cheapest bathroom TV, but we know at this price point there’s nothing that can beat us for quality of viewing experience.

stunning mirror finish bathroom tvsMaking bathroom TV’s more affordable than ever


How can we make your bathroom TV so affordable? Simple. We design all our bathroom TV’s ourselves. And we use a small, reliable team to keep overheads down.

Experience plays its part too. We’ve been designing, making and selling bathroom TV’s since 2008 – and taking in lots of customer feedback too. Over that time we’ve found the most efficient means of production and distribution to keep costs down.

That means bathroom TV’s that are clever and affordable, stylish and safe.

bathroom tvMaking bathroom TV’s scrupulously safe


Every bathroom tv we make passes a stringent programme of testing and certification. Every single bathroom television meets industry standard waterproof classifications (IP65) and European safety regulations (CE and RoHS) for a safety guarantee you can trust.

Our range is simple. All models feature the same great features, quality and our stunning Magic Mirror screen finish. All you need to do is decide which size is best for your bathroom: 19″, 22″ or 26″.

If you want to talk over your requirements with us, or you need a bit of advice, just give us a call on +44 (0)1509 323 038.