Welcome to Aquatek. Setting the standards for affordable bathroom TVs.

As soon as we saw our first bathroom TV, we loved the idea of it. And we certainly loved the product. But there was a problem… it was just too expensive.

So here at Aquatek Bathroom TVs we started thinking up ways to get around that problem. We wanted to make bathroom televisions a lot more affordable – so we could buy one. So you could too!

This is how we make Aquatek bathroom TVs affordable:

  • We keep things small. We don’t need big expensive offices or big management teams. In fact, we’re still managed by the same two bathroom TV enthusiasts who set up the company back in 2008.
  • We work with the right people. Our research team are some of the best in the business – and their innovative ideas help us keep production costs down, without ever compromising on quality.
  • We’ve got considerable supply chain management experience – and that means we’ve always got the optimum quantity of products in stock, ready for dispatch.
  • We take care of all the research and development in-house, and because we use our own manufacturers too, we don’t need to pay anyone else.

Result: same great waterproof TV technology, but more affordable.

Our background

At Aquatek Bathroom TVs we are all avid TV technology enthusiasts. As well as bathroom TVs, we also design, manufacture and sell outdoor TVs and mirror TVs. So we know the market – and we know what TV lovers want. After all, we’re TV lovers too. We started out designing and building the kinds of bathroom TVs we wanted to be able to buy…

Now, we design and build the kinds of bathroom televisions you want to buy. Your feedback guides what we do. And we do everything we can to give you the very highest standards of bathroom TV technology for the lowest possible prices.

At these prices, Aquatek TVs are in a class of their own. We focus on quality and reliability, to deliver a better bathroom television experience - clearer, more vibrant picture, better sound and the highest levels of safety.

Buy with confidence

We believe in our product range. We know it offers exceptional value at industry-leading prices. And that’s why we’re happy to give you a 2-year warranty as standard on our complete range of bathroom televisions. And if you want an extended warranty, we can do that too.

Any questions? We can help you whatever you need to know. That’s the advantage of having designed and built our bathroom TVs ourselves. So you really can call us with any query – big or small. This is the number you’ll need +44 (0)1509 323 038. Or you can email us at enquiries@aquatek.tv if you prefer. We’ll reply to your email just as soon as we can. Usually within 24 hours.

A word from our customers

“I found Aquatek to be very helpful and knowledgeable about their products.

My customers have been delighted with the TVs and I am going to install a bathroom TV at my house now I have seen the quality!

Thanks for all your help.”

Nick Coupe, Nick Coupe Building Services
“After looking rigorously for the most cost-efficient, high spec waterproof TV company I stumbled across Aquatek.

I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service, delivery and quality of the product.”

Alex Bown

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