In a nutshell

Debbie and Mark are expert property renovators. When they purchased a modern-style farmhouse in the Leicestershire suburbs, they wanted to put their stamp on it. That meant incorporating some innovative ideas in the bathroom…

The story

Debbie and Mark had already renovated their dream home to a high standard when they called us. In keeping with its contemporary look outside, they had chosen a chic, contemporary look inside. There was just one thing missing…

Debbie had fallen in love with the idea of having a television in her en-suite bathroom. She opted for a 19” Advanced Bathroom Television with a beautiful mirror finish screen – it fitted in perfectly with the ultra-modern décor they’d chosen.

They didn’t want an imposing looking object to diminish the stylish bathroom setting they’d created. So they chose a flush mounted finish and positioned the television at the end of the bathtub. As they’d hoped, it actually helped to enhance the chic, minimalistic look of their bathroom.

Once the television was up and running we caught up with Debbie to find out how she was getting on. She was over the moon. Debbie told us that the TV gave her a perfect escape at the end of a long and tiring day. She adored being able to relax in the bath with her favourite programmes. But it was the whole experience she loved – low lights, sweet-smelling candles and a glass of wine…. what more could a girl wish for!

There was one downside though. Debbie told us it was getting harder to get a chance to use her bath and TV. The children enjoyed it so much that they’d started asking for more baths, more often than ever before!


“I would like to thank everyone at Aquatek for their help when I was deciding which television to install. They provided informative technical advice as well as a quick and reliable service.”

Debbie Charles