There are loads of good reasons why it’s simply not possible or ‘compliant’ to install a standard non-waterproof television in your bathroom. That’s why our bathroom TV’s have all been designed specifically for wet environments…

Bathroom TVs built to IP65 standards

It is prohibited to install a ‘non IP rated’ television in most zones in your bathroom.

All of our bathroom TVs are submitted to independent testing for CE safety and Ingress Protection. Our bathroom TVs conform to IP65 protection requirements, making them practical and safe for use in most wet zones.

Our distinctive low voltage system and high IPX waterproof rating is unique to our brand. And it means our TVs are safe, durable and resilient. Even in the wettest conditions.

Mist-free technology

You can’t get away from condensation in the bathroom. It only takes a little bit of hot water to mist your mirrors and windows up. But you obviously need to be able to see your bathroom TV, even when the hot water’s flowing and the bathroom’s all steamed.

That’s why we build all our bathroom TVs to withstand high humidity, making them totally mist-proof.
So how do we do that?

The toughened glass screen gently heats up to eliminate condensation and ensure a nice clear image, even in a high-humidity area.

Beautiful bathroom TV design and durability

We know… It doesn’t just need to be safe and robust; it has to look good too.

Our bathroom televisions have been designed to fit easily into any bathroom. With their chic mirror tint screens, they’ll complement the look of your bathroom or wet room.

We’ve chosen a sleek, simple design that’s refined and elegant. So, whatever the look and feel of your bathroom, they’ll fit right in.

Of course price is a big factor too. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make our televisions genuinely affordable. We’re making must-have bathroom TVs into can-have bathroom TVs.

Flexible and convenient bathroom TV installation options (to suit all possible applications)

We’ve got installation options to suit. Our bathroom TVs can be installed in-wall or on-wall – it’s up to you.

In-wall is our most popular application. As it suggests, the TV is fitted into the wall so that the screen is then flush to the wall. It helps that our TVs are so slim, so they can be fitted into any studded or solid wall. Then it just needs a bit of touch-up tiling or plastering to achieve that smooth look.

The installation is really easy. You get a rust-proof back box and simply slide the TV into it, then the glass closes against the wall or tiles, providing a seamless, flush finish. Final finishing touch – seal the glass to the wall with a silicon sealant and you’re all done!

On-wall: If you don’t want the flush finish, each TV comes as standard with VESA fixing holes on the back. So you can easily mount it directly onto a surface, without needing to cut a recess into the wall.